The Lab Series: Production History

The Lab Series is a student-driven, department-nurtured performance research laboratory. Productions can occur in a variety of campus spaces, including the New Works Lab. Emphasis is on innovative work that functions on a zero budget model. The pieces presented will include a mix of student written pieces, new renderings of classic or obscure works, and community building events. Performances begin at 7 pm and are free, first-come, first-served.

August 2017

May 2017

Spring 2017

  • January 30
    Cold Read: Twilight Bowl
    Part of the Big 10 Initiative
    Written by Rebecca Gilman
  • February 6
    YOLO Shakespeare
    Directed by Constance Hester (Senior BA Theatre Student)
  • February 20 - 21
    Double Bill: 
    Quigley's B Rolls 
    Short Skits by John V. Quigley (Senior BA Theatre Student)
    I Choose Me
    Solo Show by Natalie Davis (Senior BA Theatre Student)
  • March 6 - 7
    Breakfast for Two
    Written and Performed by Gabriel Simms (Sophomore BA Theatre Student)
  • March 20 - 21
    Shakespeare's Greatest Hits 
    Written by Eric Brinkman (2nd year PhD Theatre Student)
  • April 3 - 4
    Offending the Audience 
    Written by Peter Handke
    Directed by Karie Miller (3rd year PhD Theatre Student)
  • April 17 - 18
    Hello It's Me
    Devised by Aubrey Newman (1st year PhD Theatre Student) and Julianne Nogar (1st year MFA Design Student)

Autumn 2016

Spring 2016

Autumn 2015

Light, Sculpture, & Music Orchestration (LS&M)

​Advanced lighting students from the Department of Theatre create lighting sequences tracked to assigned music and focused on exploring a set sculpture using cutting-edge lighting/sound software and show controls. These creations will be showcased in the Lighting Lab (right across from the New Works Lab) on four Tuesdays from 6:30-6:45 PM. Grab your ticket for a Lab Series production, pop in to see some lighting art, and then stroll back over for the show!

In Fall 2015, the dates are September 15, October 13, October 27, November 24, and December 8. 

Spring 2015

Autumn 2014

  • New Work Development Reading
    The Swing Set
    A new one act play
    By CeCe Bellomy (BA Theatre Student)
  • New Work Development Reading
    By Amanda Loch
  • Pretty Girls Don't Eat
    A solo performance
    By Kelly Hogan (BA Theatre Student)
  • New Work Development Reading
    Some Nights
    A musical based on the works of Fun
    By Elisabeth Rogge and Alexis Nelson (BA Theatre Students)
    A new one act play
    By Eduardo Lozano and John Quigley (BA Theatre Students)
  • An Evening of Lost American One Acts
    By Alice Gerstenberg
    Directed by Shelby Brewster (MA Theatre Student)
    This Property is Condemned
    By Tennessee Williams
    Directed by Jennifer Collins (PhD Theatre Student)
  • Speech and Debate
    By Stephen Karum
    Directed by Rachel Moore (BA Theatre Student)
  • Lab Series Ten Minute Play Festival
    An Evening of New Work
    Curated by Josh Patterson (PhD Theatre Student)


cold reads
new and new-to-you plays. come ready to read.

Spring 2014

  • An Evening of Solo Performances:
    Paint Me by Liz Light (BA Theatre Student)
    Qualifications by Andrew Trimmer (BA Theatre Student)
  • Midnight Magic
    A Staged Reading
    An Adaptation of a Novel by Avi
    By Joshua Cordle (BA Theatre Student)
  • The Pendulum of our Memories
    A Staged Reading
    By Abbas Maroufi
    Translated by Esmaeel Najar Daronkolae (PhD Theatre Student)
  • One Step Closer
    A New Play by Meg Chamberlain (MFA Acting Student)
    Directed by Elizabeth Wellman (PhD Theatre Student)
  • Life. No Cues Attached
    A Solo Piece by Natalie Woods (BA Theatre Student)
  • An Evening of Solo Performances
    Science of a Story by Julia Langholt (BA Theatre Student)
    Feeling Galaxies by Rachel Seiger (BA Theatre Student)
  • My Name is Rachel Corrie
    Edited by Alan Rickman
    Directed by Robin Post (Faculty, Theatre)
    Featuring Genevieve Simon (BA Theatre Student)
  • Broken Eggs
    A Devised Work by Geoff Wilson (PhD Theatre Student) & Co.
  • Waiting for Godot
    By Samuel Beckett
    Featuring John Connor (BA Theatre Student)
    Jesse Massaro (BA Theatre Student)
    Kevin Tate (BA Theatre Student)
  • InTransit 3
    An evening of automotive theatre
    Curated by Max Glenn (MA Theatre Student) and Shelby Brewster (MA Theatre Student)

Autumn 2013