Sifiso Mazibuko (MFA '15) in Exhibit at Royal National Theatre

January 17, 2019
Dramatic Progress: Votes for Women and the London Stage

“Dramatic Progress: Votes for Women and the London Stage”, an exhibition currently running at the Royal National Theatre in London, features one of our alums, Sifiso Mazibuko (MFA '15), in a video scene from one of the suffrage plays. Sifiso, along with Naomi Paxton, the exhibit’s curator, and Maroussia Richardson, also featured in the video, were all performers in Palindrome Productions inaugural 2014 production of The First Actress (1911) by Christopher St. John (Christabel Marshall). The play is a suffrage play that centers on the right to vote linked to the right to act on the stage. Lesley Ferris is the founding Artistic Director of the company. The exhibit opened in October 2018 and runs through January 25, 2019.