The Lab Series

The Lab Series is a student-driven, department-nurtured performance research laboratory. Productions can occur in a variety of campus spaces, including the New Works Lab. Emphasis is on innovative work that functions on a zero budget model. The pieces presented will include a mix of student written pieces, new renderings of classic or obscure works, and community building events. Performances begin at 7 pm (unless otherwise noted) and are free, first-come, first-served.

Are you an Ohio State student? Are you interested in submitting a proposal to the Lab Series? View our guidelines and submit an application! Lab Series Guidelines | Lab Series Application

Spring 2019

February 11 - 12
The Great Mediator
Written and Directed by Isaiah Johnson (BA theatre)

February 25 - 26
ABCs of Life
Written and Directed by Jared Grumney (BA theatre)
Drag Me Down
By Sara Katschka
Directed by Alayna Hanson (BA art)

March 4 - 5
As You Like It?
Original text by William Shakespeare
Adapted and Directed by Aubrey Neumann (PhD theatre), Eric Brinkman (PhD theatre), Julianne Nogar (MFA theatre), Shannon Savard (PhD theatre)

March 18 - 19
A Walk Through June
Written and Directed by Tony White (BA theatre)
Written and Directed by Marielle Ticoras (BA theatre)

April 1 - 2
Written and Directed by Dakota Drown (BA theatre)

April 15 - 16
The Else or Something
Written and Directed by Karie Miller (PhD theatre)

Autumn 2018

September 10 - 11
Being Alive and Other Big Jokes
Written and Directed by Olivia Sawatzki (BA theatre)

September 24 - 25 Double Staged Reading
Virginity Monologues
Written by Ronda Christie (BA theatre) Cancelled
No Fighting
Written by Alize Raptou (BFA dance)

October 8 - 9
Five and a Half Feet of Fearsome
Written by Shannon Savard (PhD theatre)
Directed by Aubrey Helene Neumann (PhD theatre)

October 20 She, Too, Sings America: A Festival of Readings of Work by Georgia Douglass Johnson and Eulalie Spence (6:30 pm)
Directed by Caroline Hill (MA theatre) and Aviva Neff (PhD theatre)

October 23
The Municipal[s] Davenport
Original text by Jenny Wray
Adapted and Directed by Josh Streeter (MA theatre)

November 5 - 6
From Prince to King
Directed by Jason Speicher (BA theatre)

November 19 - 20
Written and Directed by Sarina Hyland (BA theatre) and Brad Rinehart (BA theatre)

December 3 - 4
Written and Directed by Kassie Rice (BA theatre)

Spring 2018

January 16
Big Ten Play: Companion Animals
By Madeliene George

February 8 - 10
Lab Series Plus: Maybe Baby, It's You
By Charlie Shanian and Shari Simpson
Directed by Nathan Sims

February 12 - 13
The Blue Hour: City Sketches
By David Mamet
Directed by Michael Erickson (BA theatre)

February 26 - 27
Food: An Uncomfortable Exploration
Written and Directed by Rebecca Sharrer (BA theatre) and Will Scarborough (BA theatre)

March 5 - 6
Art Goblins
Written and Directed by Mark Allison (BA psychology)

March 26 - 27
The House
Written and Directed by Laura Falb (BA theatre)

April 2 - 3
Written and Directed by Kassie Rice (BA theatre)

Autumn 2017

September 11 - 12
Tales from Retail
Written and Directed by Dakota Drown (BA theatre and international studies)

September 25 - 26
8: A Staged Reading
By Dustin Lance Black
Directed by Vince Bella (BA English education)

October 9 - 10
Screw You Danny Turek, I Wrote a Play
Written and Directed by Sara Stone (BA theatre)

October 23 - 24
Hot 'n' Throbbing
By Paula Vogel
Directed by Shannon Savard (MA theatre)

November 6 - 7
Gruesome Playground Injuries 
By Rajiv Joseph
Directed by Aviva Neff (PhD theatre)

November 20 - 21
Written by and Directed by Michaela Burke (BA theatre and communications)

December 4 - 5
Red Room
Written and Directed by Abby Stoutenborough (BA theatre)

May 2017

May 26 - 27 - please note 7:30pm start time
The Tale of an Exorcism at Koretz: A Dybbuk Story
Co-created byMandy Mitchell (MFA acting student) and John Michael Sefel (PhD student)
Directed by Karie Miller (PhD student)

Spring 2017

January 30
Cold Read: Twilight Bowl
Part of the Big 10 Initiative
Written by Rebecca Gilman

February 6
YOLO Shakespeare
Directed by Constance Hester (Senior BA Theatre Student)

February 20 - 21
Double Bill: 
Quigley's B Rolls 
Short Skits by John V. Quigley (Senior BA Theatre Student)
I Choose Me
Solo Show by Natalie Davis (Senior BA Theatre Student)

March 6 - 7
Breakfast for Two
Written and Performed by Gabriel Simms (Sophomore BA Theatre Student)

March 20 - 21
Shakespeare's Greatest Hits 
Written by Eric Brinkman (2nd year PhD Theatre Student)

April 3 - 4
Offending the Audience 
Written by Peter Handke
Directed by Karie Miller (3rd year PhD Theatre Student)

April 17 - 18
Hello It's Me
Devised by Aubrey Newman (1st year PhD Theatre Student) and Julianne Nogar (1st year MFA Design Student)

Autumn 2016

September 13
Friday Night Lights, Camera, Action
A developmental staged reading by Abigail Johnson

October 10 - 11
Love Letters, by A.R. Gurney
Directed by Constance Hester

October 24 - 25
Tales from the Rogue Asylum
New work collaboration by John V. Quigley and Eduardo Lozano

November 7 - 8
To the Moon & Back
Written and performed by Ronda Christie

November 21 - 22
Don Nigro's Dr Faustus
Directed by Nathan Sims

December 5 - 6
Goodbye Blue Monday
New work collaboration by Tommy Clabby and Tom McKinney