Qiong Su

Visiting Scholar
Visiting Faculty
Qiong Su is a visiting scholar from the College of Humanities, Xiamen University, China. Her research covers many fields within theatre, film, and television, including female literature, modern Chinese literature, especially female playwrights, and the history of modern Chinese drama. Recently her research interests have focused on gender and drama.
Dr. Su has published The Female Drama in the Cross Context (Academy Press, China, 2016), A Pictorial Album of Chinese Theatre Arts (Jiangsu People’s Publishing House, China, 2009), and Crash out of the Specter Tower: A Study of Female Literature in “May the Fourth” (Third author, South Press, China, 2000).
Some of her academic papers include "Oedipus Complex during the Anti-Japanese War: On Zhao Qingge’s Play Scripts" (Theatre Arts, 2014, 6:46-53), "Theatre Expression for Gender and History" (Theatre Arts, 2009, 4:39-50), "The Process of Gender Alienation: A Study on Chinese Feminist Theatre from 1949 to 1966" (Theatre Arts, 2006, 3:47-65), "A Study on the Feminist Theatre in China in 1980s" (Theatre Arts, 2005, 4:54-62), "Absurdity, Flight, and Return: A Study of Su Xuelin’s Works in the 1920s" (Journal of Nanjing University, 2003, 1:146-153), "Chinese Modern Female Comedy: The Daydream and the Wisdom" (Theatre Arts, 2002, 1:43-53), and "Stepping Out of the 'Wall': the Innovation of the Form and the Changing of Concept of the Historical Drama in 1990s" (The Journal of the Central Academy of Drama, 2002, 1:26-32).
In November 2017, Dr. Su was chosen as sub-project head of a National Major Project of China (Grant NO.17ZDA242), the Great Series of the Chinese Women’s Literature. Her part of the project covers Chinese female drama, including traditional opera, from ancient times to the present. In August 2011, her project The Female Drama in the Cross Context was supported by Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project of China (Grant NO. 11YJA60061).
Representative awards Dr. Su has received include:
  • "Chinese Modern Female Comedy: the Daydream and the Wisdom" (Theatre Arts, 2002,1:43-53), Masterpiece Prize for Excellent Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science of Fujian Province
  • "Crash out of the Specter Tower--A Study of Female Literature in 'May the Fourth'" (Third author, South Press, 2000), Third Prize for Excellent Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science of Jiangsu Province
She was responsible for five plays in 2017 Performance Season of Theatre, Film and TV in Xiamen University, and she supervised one play for the closing ceremony in College Theatre Festival of Xiamen in 2017.
Areas of Expertise
  • Female Playwrights
  • History of Modern Chinese Drama
  • Gender and Drama
  • Modern Chinese Female Literature
  • PhD Nanjing University
  • MA Fujian Normal University
  • BA Fujian Normal University
Qiong Su
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