Eric Brinkman

Graduate Student

Eric Brinkman is a PhD student in Performance, History, and Criticism at The Ohio State University. He developed his research interests while earning a Master’s degree at the Shakespeare Institute, which center around developing Practice as Research (PaR) methods borrowing from performance theory, social psychology, and anthropology in order to theorize on and empirically measure audience reception, especially in regards to Shakespearean villains that employ direct address (Richard III, Iago, Angelo, et al). His Master’s thesis, “Cognitive Dissonance in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure and King John,” explores a method of reading Shakespeare’s plays using the lens of cognitive dissonance both as a mode of interpretation and as a way to understand audience response. He is currently working on a conference paper: “Laughter in the Abattoir: The Role of Humor In Creating Transpersonal Affective Complexity in Lucy Bailey’s Titus Andronicus,” which focuses on deploying Affect theory in order to read the multiple, complex audience responses to Lucy Bailey’s 2014 Globe production. 

Areas of Expertise
  • Early Modern Drama
  • Audience Reception
  • Performance Studies
  • Affect Theory
  • MA Shakespeare Institute
  • BA The Ohio State University
Eric Brinkman
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