A Dramatic Intervention

September 27, 2016
Shakespeare and Autism

Ohio State theater students and medical researchers are working together to find positive interventions for children with autism.

In Memoriam: George P. Crepeau

September 21, 2016
George Crepeau

Emeritus Professor George P. Crepeau, age 94, died September 17, 2016. According to his obituary, he joined "the theatre faculty of the department of Speech and Theatre at The Ohio State University in 1959.

Ohio State to send first study abroad to Cuba since 2003

September 16, 2016

Travel to Cuba from the U.S. has been mostly restricted since sanctions against Cuba began in 1962. Though some sanctions remain, some travel restrictions have been lifted, allowing a commercial flight to land in Santa Clara on Aug. 31, the first regularly scheduled flight to Cuba from the U.S.