Undergraduate Student Mackenzie Peterson Interns at Bridgeway Academy with Shakespeare and Autism

May 9, 2018
Mackenzie Peterson

Mackenzie Peterson, a rising senior double majoring in Theatre and Arts Management, has recently completed the first Shakespeare and Autism/Bridgeway Academy internship. For the past semester, Mackenzie has traveled to Bridgeway Academy, a school for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, to work with two after school theatre groups. Using music therapy, speech therapy, and theatre games, the therapists and interns in the theatre groups craft a musical for the small groups of students. The musical has important skills embedded in the show, so by working on the show, the students are also receiving therapy. Crafted by Assistant Professor Kevin McClatchy and Music Therapist Kristin Kummer, this internship has allowed Mackenzie to work with a wide range of students with autism while adapting games from the Shakespeare and Autism Project, observing students in therapies and the classroom, and researching autism and the arts.