Undergraduate Student Isaiah Johnson Receives Library Fellowship

April 12, 2018
Isaiah Johnson

Isaiah Johnson received the 2018 Undergraduate Research Libraries Fellowship for his proposal "Politics and the Arts: Blacklisting", which will allow him to research actor Jeff Corey in the Special Collections Library.

Corey was an acclaimed film actor whose life was turned upside down when he was blacklisted from Hollywood in the 50s. In order to make a living, he gave acting lessons in his home, teaching many big-name stars such as Jack Nicholson, Barbra Streisand, Carol Burnett, James Dean, Robin Williams, and Leonard Nemoy.

Johnson will investigate artifacts in the Jeff Corey Collection in order to develop a new play around his life story, hopefully presenting it in the department's Lab Series in 2019.

The competitive fellowship enables undergraduate students to devote themselves full-time to research for ten weeks during the summer.