New Minor in Musical Theatre

August 22, 2018
Heathers: The Musical

The Department of Theatre, in conjunction with the Department of Dance and the School of Music, launches a new minor in musical theatre this autumn, just in time for the department’s production of Legally Blonde, the Musical.

The department has considered this idea for many years, and with the recent increase in undergraduate student interest in the genre, the department felt the time was ripe to propose the minor. Associate Professor Jennifer Schlueter worked with colleagues in dance and music to develop the proposal, and shepherded it through the university’s approval process. Schlueter notes, “We’re excited to offer this opportunity to our students. Students with a passion for musical theatre will be able to focus their training with this minor.”

Susan Hadley, chair of the Department of Dance observes, “Over one thousand Ohio State students take dance courses annually in our elective program. The new minor in musical theatre will encourage students with interest and skill in dance, theatre, and music to focus their study at the intersection of these disciplines.”

Half of the 18 credits required for the minor emphasize foundational performance skills. The other nine credits are electives. Coursework for the minor comes from theatre, dance, and music. Most significantly, students majoring in any of these programs can also add the minor, as long as 12 hours in the minor are distinct from those counted towards the major.