Joseph F. Scharrer Phantom of the Theatre Award

February 1, 2016
Curtis "Nitz" Brown

Congratulations to this year's recipient of the Joseph F. Scharrer Phantom of the Theatre Award, Curtis "Nitz" Brown (BA 2006)! 

Former Ohio State Theatre Box Office Manager Joe Scharrer was one of those critical “behind the scenes” people that exist in every theatre organization.  He was never in front of the curtain or in the limelight, but he was essential to the theatre’s operation and was a unique part of our theatre community. In honor of Joe, The Ohio State University Department of Theatre in conjunction with the Theatre Roundtable created the “Joseph F. Scharrer – Phantom of the Theatre Award” in 2010.  This award is given annually to a person or persons who provide critical tasks to make a production company work, but are truly an un-sung hero.  

The nomination letter for Nitz indicated that he is “professional, kind, courteous, and always willing to lend a helping hand to make rehearsals and shows go as smoothly as possible. Not only has he assisted with technical aspects of shows, he has offered valuable creative suggestions to improve lighting, slide projection, and sets. [He] truly keeps Columbus theater on track--show, after show, after show.”

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