Jennifer Schlueter Awarded Arts and Humanities Larger Grant: New Project

January 21, 2015
Patience Wort

Jennifer Schlueter has been approved for an Arts & Humanities Larger Grant: New Project for her collaborative proposal, "Motion Capture and Animation Experimentation Towards a World Premiere Staging of Patience Worth." In collaboration with Vita Berezina-Blackburn (Animation Specialist, ACCAD) and Christina Ritter (Lecturer, University of Kentucky), Jennifer Schlueter (Assistant Professor, Theatre) and the for/word company will undertake a month-long residency in ACCAD’s Motion Lab in preparation for a 2017 world premiere of Schlueter's play, Patience Worth. During this residency, the for/word company will explore the rich potentials of technological experimentation to create a visual analog to their fragmented textual approach, asking: how might the cutting-edge technological capacities investigated at ACCAD amplify the remixed aesthetic of for/word’s work? How can motion capture technology best integrate with a theatrical production drawn entirely from found archival text? And how can that experimentation lead to a technically rich but portable, tourable, high-profile world-premiere production in the next 30 months? More information on Patience Worth is available at