Doctoral Candidate John Michael Sefel debuts new book

August 31, 2020
John Michael Sefel

Doctoral candidate John Michael Sefel’s book, At the Intersection of Disability and Drama: A Critical Anthology of New Plays, is making its debut this semester.


At the Intersection of Disability and Drama features twenty plays, and accompanying essays, that take a deep look at the realities of daily life for individuals in the disability community. It highlights works that confront, and subvert, long held stereotypes about this diverse group of people. The pieces in Sefel’s book “approach disability as a vast, intersectional demographic, which ties individuals together less by whatever impairment, difference, or non-normative condition they experience, and more by their daily need to navigate a world that wasn't built for them” and teaches us that “there is no aspect of human life that does not, in some way, intersect with disability.”


Sefel’s book has additional ties to the department. Associate Professor Mandy Fox contributed an original play, Jill Summerville (PhD, ’14) provided additional editing, and Sara Perry (MFA, ’18) served as a reader.


You can find more information on the book at the publisher's website, here.