InterACT: Theatre Project for Social Change

The InterACT Theatre Project for Social Change is a collaborative project co-sponsored by the Department of Theatre and University Center for the Advancement of Teaching at The Ohio State University. Students interested in participating in InterACT should contact Elizabeth Wellman

The Generation Rx Initiative

The InterAct Play ] [ Q&A With The Characters ] 
An Introduction to the Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic ]

This video contains a program relating to prescription drug abuse, prepared and presented by the OSU Department of Theatre. It includes a short dramatization, followed by an interaction between the actors (in character) and the audience. Activities for using the video in student workshops include a student activities booklet and facilitator's notes.

It's Abuse Campaign

iMix 110 - The "It's Abuse" Campaign from WOSU O-H-I-O on Vimeo.

A program developed by the Columbus Coalition Against Family Violence is mobilizing college students at campuses around the country. Ohio State's chapter has used a variety of outreach events to bring this topic to the forefront of student's consciousness. By teaming with InterACT, a socially conscious theatre group, they were able to engage faculty and students in an entirely new way.