Dog Act Production Details

Written by Liz Duffy Adams
Co-Directed by: Mandy Fox & Joe Kopyt
Roy Bowen Theatre

Rehearsals begin as early as January 8, 2018. Rehearsals take place M-F 6:30 - 10:30 PM and Saturdays noon - 5 PM.

Performance dates and times can be found on the Ohio State Theatre website.


 A post-apocalyptic vaudeville, Dog Act follows Zetta Stone, a traveling performer, and her companion Dog, a young man undergoing a voluntary species demotion, as they walk through the wilderness of the former Northeast U.S. with their little troupe. They are heading toward a gig in China, if they can find it—and if they can survive to reach it.  

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Cast Breakdown

ROZETTA STONE (ZETTA), a woman. Performer and entrepreneur, from a long lineage of show-folk; inheritor of the Cart. Longer than Vera, probably a bit older than Dog. 

DOG, a young male. Human by birth, dog by choice. His dog behavior is minimal and subtle. When he barks, as indicated, he does not make barking sounds; he shouts the word "bark."

VERA SIMILITUDE, gray-haired woman.

JO-JO THE BALD-FACED LIAR, eight semi feral teenage girl. May wear a battered old Etch-a-Sketch on a bit of rope, for self-medication.

COKE & BUD, scavengers: savage grownup lost boys, underfed and vicious, late teens to 20s. Dressed in odds and ends of found clothes and objects, including some bits of light armor handmade from salvaged junk; incorporated into one of these is an ancient flattened out Coke can; into the other, a Bud can. Coke is dominant, Bud it is aspirational.