Method: Historiography

February 15, 2019
In this course, we will explore the ways theatre and performance history have been (and could be) written. Attention will be paid to the roles of evidence, embodiment, and narrative. Throughout we will ask the question: how can we write a history of an evanescent art? To what end?

Method: Performance Studies

February 15, 2019
Performance Studies has been described as a marriage of Theater and Anthropology, yet it is both more and less than those two disciplines. We will read foundational texts by its major figures, as well as familiarize ourselves with its newer voices. Students will create a practical project that allows them to apply the methodologies we study, including participant-observation ethnography.

Theatre Pedagogy

February 15, 2019
In this course, we will delve into teaching our discipline on the college level. We will explore best practices, strategies, techniques, and key concerns in our field. We will develop teaching philosophies and portfolios to aid on the job market, but more importantly, we will demonstrably improve our ability to impact our students' lives.

Scene Painting

April 19, 2017
An introduction to techniques used in scene painting for the theatre; rendering textures and form on large scale surfaces, both fabric and board; trompe l'oeil and reproductions. Prereq: Enrollment in the MFA-Theatre program, or permission of instructor.


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