Film and Video

The Film Director's Voice

March 19, 2020

This advanced-level course offers students an understanding of the fundamentals of directing narrative film, with an emphasis on the director's personal voice and vision. It considers responsibilities and techniques across all stages of production, from early development through the completion of postproduction, as well as an introduction to promoting your finished project. Prereq: 4381 and 5323, or permission of instructor.

Narrative Filmmaking Fundamentals

April 19, 2017

This course provides a foundation in the conceptual and technical building blocks of cinematic narrative, emphasizing collaborative projects. Students will investigate the nature of event, character, and place, developing their production and post-production skills in composition, camera movement, lighting, editing, and sound design to support and enhance storytelling. Prereq: Permission of instructor.


April 19, 2017
Intensive study of a problem common to the participants for the purpose of developing principles and practices relating to it. Prereq: Permission of instructor. Repeatable to a maximum of 36 cr hrs or 4 completions.


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