The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University is a major comprehensive university in the state of Ohio. Through its central campus in Columbus, four regional campuses, Agricultural Technical Institute, educational telecommunications programs, cooperative extension service, and health care programs, the University serves the entire state.

As a major land grant university, Ohio State is also a national resource. Its fundamental purpose--in teaching, research, and public service--is to enhance the quality of human life through developing the individual capacity for enlightened understanding, thinking, and acting. Through the dissemination of knowledge, the University not only serves the individual but acts as a force to shape society for the common good. As such, it is a significant international resource.

The quality and diversity of its instructional programs and resources afford able students the opportunity to elect programs of unusual strength in the traditional university disciplines, as well as interdisciplinary programs which reflect new ways of organizing knowledge and new approaches to contemporary problems.

Equality of opportunity is a basic philosophy of The Ohio State University. Mindful of the need for all persons to adapt to the changing roles and needs of society, the University also provides evening programs and continuing education opportunities to serve a wide spectrum of lifelong learning needs.

In the exploration of new ideas and in the preparation of citizens for their roles in a changing society, the University represents a human commitment--an expression of aspiration of people to better themselves and the world in which they live.

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