Shakespeare and Autism - Theatre 5922S

3 units

Shakespeare & Autism is a service-learning course directly connected to the OSU Shakespeare and Autism Project, a pioneering collaboration of theatre and science that has gained international recognition from London to Los Angeles.

In this class, you will learn the Hunter Heartbeat Method, created by acclaimed British actress Kelly Hunter, and immediately begin facilitating workshops with children on the autism spectrum.  The majority of the students who have taken this course have pointed to Shakespeare and Autism as the pivotal OSU experience for their creative, personal and professional aspirations.  Students involved in the Shakespeare and Autism Project have also had the opportunity to perform The Tempest directed by Kelly Hunter in Columbus, Los Angeles, and London.  With the release of the most recent research findings by our partner The Nisonger Center, the Shakespeare and Autism Project, with support from OSU alum and Emmy winner Patricia Heaton, is poised to continue its growth as a proven intervention as well as a transformative experience for all involved.

Enrollment by instructor permission

“Plainly put, this experience has shaped me more than any course in my educational history. I have learned more from it that will apply directly to my life than any other class … I am a different person because of this class. I am a better person because of this class. I am more confident, more supportive, more cognizant, and more diverse … This class changed my life.”
                        Gabe Simms ’19

“Shakespeare and Autism was by far one of the best classes I took as an undergrad … This is an opportunity to share your love of theatre in ways you never have before. Regardless of what you wish to pursue after graduation, this course will show you how theatre can be applied in the world beyond what you see on a stage—you will experience just how powerful theatre (and Shakespeare!) can be.”
                        Katy Olson ’16

Shakespeare and Autism is my favorite course I have taken in college.  It is more than just a class … It is a hands-on learning experience, and I know I have helped make a difference in many children because of the course … Seeing one of the boys I worked with go from hiding in my lap when someone said, “Hello,” to actively participating and laughing in front of the group was an amazing experience … Between the fun of the acting games, the spontaneity of the kids, and the joys of seeing the kids’ successes, this class is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences I have been a part of in my life.”
                                              Mackenzie Peterson ’19

I couldn't ask for a better class to end my undergraduate college career … This class was tough but it challenged me differently than any other class I have ever taken … (It) has positively affected who I am more than any other class.”
                        Amy Greenblott ‘16

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