Technical Production Practicum - Theatre 2000.xx

In this course, you will join one of our production studios for the creation of our season of shows. Each area has its own practicum course including Sound, Scenery, Costumes, Lighting, Box Office and Publicity. You will get the opportunity to build, sew, paint, craft, assemble and install equipment and technology.

All students will be specifically trained for any task they perform and no experience is necessary! More information on our Get Involved page.

2000.02   Technical Production Practicum: Sound

2:20-5:15      T      Jim Knapp      1 unit     (schedule varies after first 2 weeks)

2000.03   Technical Production Practicum: Video

arranged     T      Dave Fisher      1 unit

2000.04   Technical Production Practicum: Scenic Construction and Painting

2:20-5:15      T      Chad Mahan      1 unit
2:20-5:15      W     Chad Mahan      1 unit
2:20-5:15      R      Chad Mahan      1 unit
2:20-5:15      F      Chad Mahan      1 unit

2000.05   Technical Production Practicum: Costuming

2:20-5:15      W     Rebecca Turk      1 unit
2:20-5:15      F      Rebecca Turk      1 unit

2000.06   Technical Production Practicum: Lighting

2:20-5:15      R      Matt Hazard      1 unit     (schedule varies after first 2 weeks)

2000.11   Technical Production Practicum: Box Office

arranged      Carolyn Jakubczak      1 unit

2000.21   Technical Production Practicum: Publicity

arranged      Graduate Studies and Publicity Coordinator     1 unit


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